How Important Is Dental Work To Boomer Health-A Talk with Dr Mary Peebles-Turner

With inflation creeping up on us and most of us on fixed or limited incomes, putting off dental work is very common.  In today’s episode we talk with Dr. Peebled-Turner about the health implications of putting off dental work.

Dr Mary Peebles-Turner visits with Baby Boomers Radio to talk about how dental health impacts our regular health.  We talk about how some medications cause dry mouth and what seniors can do to help avoid costly dental problems.  We discuss ways to keep up your dental health based on different mobility challenges.  We even talked about what drinks we should avoid to help stretch our dental investment dollar.

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How Should Baby Boomers React to Yet Another Inflation and Recession a Discussion with Barry Rutten

Barry Rutten with WealthDefense Group shares his insight on money management and investment strategies during recessionary times.  He shares his thoughts on how best seniors and Boomers can weather these financial challenges no matter if you are living on the fixed retirement income or if you are getting close to transitioning to retirement status.

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