About Us

Welcome to Baby Boomers Radio (BBR), where nostalgia meets the present, and traditional American ideals are celebrated. Our mission? To craft a bridge between the past and the present, connecting with seniors and boomers alike, and providing an engaging blend of news and entertainment tailored just for you.

Our audience, primarily those 55 years and older, is a testimony to the vivacity of life's golden years. We believe that age is but a number and that everyone, especially our seasoned community, deserves content that resonates with their experiences, ideals, and aspirations. At BBR, we curate a mix that reflects the rich tapestry of the boomer generation's life, intertwining their foundational values with contemporary insights.

At the heart of BBR is our charismatic founder and host, Ed Bejarana. Ed's journey in the world of technology dates back to the early 1980s. As a key industry technologist, he has not only witnessed the evolution of the digital age but also been a vital part of it. However, technology is but one facet of Ed's impressive repertoire. His mellifluous voice has graced countless audiobooks, captivating listeners and taking them on unforgettable journeys. As a seasoned voice actor, Ed brings a unique blend of warmth, familiarity, and professionalism to the microphone.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, known for its pristine lakes and forests, is where Ed calls home. It's not just the scenic beauty that makes his residence special, but also the company he shares. By his side is his loving wife of over 32 years, and not too far away, probably wagging their tails, are his two Golden Retrievers, Brandi and Roxie. Their presence infuses every episode with genuine warmth and often, some light-hearted moments.

Join us at Baby Boomers Radio, where every episode is an invitation to reminisce, to connect, and to celebrate life with all its hues. Whether you're a senior eager to relive cherished memories or a younger listener aiming to understand the legacy of the boomers, BBR offers a timeless experience. Together, let's keep the golden spirit alive and radiating!

Welcome aboard!