Baby Boomers Radio: Unleash the Power of Nostalgic Advertising

Baby Boomers Radio is your gateway to the expansive and affluent 55+ demographic. Through our platform, you can:

  • Connect with Nostalgia: We're the cherished voice for seniors and boomers, evoking memories of times when radio was the heart of family gatherings.
  • Engage an Active Audience: We cater to the growing 55+ podcast market, boasting over 450 million daily listeners, of which 22% are above 55. This audience has potent purchasing power, significant financial stability, and brand loyalty.
  • Benefit from Tailored Content: Our programming offers nostalgic history, heart-touching stories, news for the 55+ age group, and exclusive interviews with industry experts.
  • Opt for Cost-Effective Advertising: With our CPM model, you pay per 1,000 downloads, ensuring you get value for every cent spent.

Why target baby boomers? They're at a life stage with disposable income, financial stability, unwavering brand loyalty, and diverse interests from traveling to rediscovering old passions.

And if you're a small business, you're in luck. Boomers appreciate the personalized touch, trustworthiness, and unique offerings of smaller enterprises, particularly in local contexts. Your deep understanding of community needs provides an advantage in capturing this demographic.

Seize the Opportunity: Dive into a market ripe with potential. Advertise with Baby Boomers Radio and resonate with an audience that values trust, quality, and genuine connection. For exclusive advertising deals, contact us at or (208) 209-7170.