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Since graduating with a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration in 1972, I have had the opportunity to work in acute care hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, retirement communities, home health, hospice and adult family homes. Along the way, I owned and operated a small multi-story nursing care and retirement facility, as well as four adult family homes.

As the Director of multiple nursing homes, I was frequently asked about long-term care insurance.  In order to provide credible information, I enrolled in an insurance course and although I did not plan to or pursue it as a career, I was licensed as an insurance agent.

Later in my career, a Superior Court Judge asked for my assistance on a case involving a vulnerable adult.  At his request and because I am passionate about protecting seniors, I obtained the necessary credentials to serve as a Court-appointed Guardian ad Litem in several superior courts.  I was also qualified to serve as a Professional Guardian.

Throughout my various career paths, I garnered decades of experience dealing with all manner of senior issues.  This knowledge enabled me to navigate the complex healthcare system and all it entails first for my aging parents, and then as I also reached the status of a senior citizen, for my wife and I.  

Time after time, I witnessed situations where patients and families struggled with life-changing decisions, often brought about by a medical crisis.  Although with the best of intentions, in the heat of the moment, and without the proper resources or knowledge, decisions were often based on less important things such as the color of wallpaper, rather than the actual needs of the patient.  Thus, came about the title for my Podcast “It’s Just Wallpaper.”  

It is my hope that through this forum, my guests and I can provide information and insight into a myriad of senior issues, resulting in the best decisions, the first time. 

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future Podcast topics. 

Thomas B. Deutsch 

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