Abortion Compassion

Jim Hollingsworth (Author), Ed Bejarana (Narrator)

In our society we have always stood for the little guy. No matter the cause we have always come to the defense of those who seemed unable to defend themselves.

So it is truly surprising that we do not come to the aid of those who have no defense at all, the unborn.

After they are born when tragedy strikes we would scoop them up in our arms and protect them from all danger, but before they are born they are just out of sight, out of mind.

I often wonder how many of these little ones would have grown up to be president, or a senator or representative, or a great scientist or astronaut. We will never know as they never had a chance.

Every life is precious, no matter how small. This book provides a dramatic picture of life from conception to birth. No matter our situation can we at least give these little ones the most precious thing of all, their lives?

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Print Length: 294 Pages

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