Combat Diary

Harry Salisbury, Nikki Brovold, James Robinson, Morris Pomeranz (Author), Ed Bejarana (Narrator)

Published for the first time in the United States, Combat Diary is the war story of Dog Battery, also known US Army Gun Battalion D. Originally only published in Germany in 1945, it tells the tale of 150 US soldiers as they arrive in England in July of 1944. The battalion arrives on the beaches of Normandy, fights through France—and ultimately into Germany—at the time of the fall of the Nazi regime. It is an intimate account of the actions and endurance of the soldiers over those seven months.

Told with reverence for the mission and details of dry humor, Combat Diary includes daily Official After Action US Army reports over that same time. As the authors wrote, Combat Diary was created for the members of Dog Battery to remember their time together, complete with a nickname roster of the 150 men. Combat Diary is now being republished in order that their stories live on, for the families of Dog Battery and all Americans, present and future.

Print Length

Print Length: 266 Pages

Listening Length

Audio Length:  7 hr 17 min

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