The Storm Within

T.S. Dunne (Author), Ed Bejarana (Narrator)

Rock Bottom: Jake McGuire is a young psychologist, husband, and father, who finally hits rock bottom from the effects of alcohol dependency. Jake wakes up naked, jailed in solitary confinement, with no memory of what happened.

Then, God spoke to Jake.

The Memory: What Jake later remembers and confesses to his friend, Patrick Callaghan; is a memory, freed from 16 years of amnesia, involving Jake’s sexual abuse as a nine-year-old boy.

Can one memory really change the entire trajectory of Jake’s life?

The Piece: Jake now sober, seeks new purpose to recover the missing “piece” of his soul, to make him whole again.

The clouds opened above him, revealing pink and purple hues.

The light broke through what was once a darker place.

Jake noticed the clearing of the sky above him as he reached out his open hand. And high above, where the trade winds blew, Jake watched the tiny piece of his soul descend right into the palm of his hand. Then, Jake closed the palm of his hand.

Jake was whole again.

Print Length

Print Length: 194 Pages

Listening Length

Audio Length:  4 hr #8min

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