To Market Like a Nigerian Prince: 20 Creative Lessons for Honest Marketers

Anthony Julius (Author), Ed Bejarana (Narrator)

In To Market Like a Nigerian Prince, Anthony Julius takes you on an engaging roller coaster through the vibrant landscape of marketing, drawing unconventional inspiration from the world's most (in)famous scam. But fear not! This isn't a guide to deception, but rather a playbook on harnessing the power of genuine connections.

With humor, wit, and undeniable insight, Julius unpacks 20 profound lessons every honest marketer needs. Dive deep into the psyche of your audience, understand the art of persuasion, and build campaigns that not only convert, but also foster trust and lifelong loyalty.

For anyone who's ever chuckled at that "too-good-to-be-true" email pitch, this audiobook will resonate, inspire, and redefine the way you view marketing. In a world overflowing with fleeting attention, Anthony Julius offers a fresh perspective, challenging marketers to not just capture eyes, but win hearts.

Print Length

Print Length: 61 Pages

Listening Length

Audio Length:  1 hr 45 min

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