Legacies Unveiled-Yellowstone, Aging Gracefully, and Hollywood’s Icons

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we embark on a journeying through resonating stories. Discover the visionary behind Yellowstone National Park’s inception in the 19th century. Unveil “internalized ageism,” where negative aging stereotypes impact well-being, learn retirement planning through Mary’s healthcare-focused financial strategy. Dream about a vacation to New Zealand, and celebrate an iconic actress’s transformative journey.


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Lynette Zang Shares How Baby Boomers Can Thrive During The Great Reset

Lynette Zang talks about The Great Reset and the impact it will have on Senior and Boomers and the American economic as a whole.

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How Seniors Can Combat Inflation & Protect Their Estate

In today’s episode we talk with John Ross about retirement planning and ways to protect retirement income during times of high inflation and recession.

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