Understanding Medicare on Baby Boomers Radio

Medicare Open Enrollment started October 15 and runs through Dec 7th.  Today we talk with Caraline Coats from Humana about what is new with Medicare and what seniors should know going into the open enrollment period.

To learn more about Humana and your Medicare plan options, please visit humana.com.

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Enrolling in Medicare Tips and Information

John talks about how and when to enroll in Medicare to avoid the Medicare late enrollment penalty.  He shares information about which forms to complete and where to take those forms for best possible enrollment speed.

John talks about forms enrollment forms CMS-40B & CMS-L564 and how to fill out the important fields where to send the forms and how soon before your 65th birthday they should be sent.

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Medicare 101 with John Pereira

John talks about Medicare Part A through D and explains how each part works, costs involved, and things to keep in mind when picking your plan.

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