Dealing with High Prescription Costs and Inflation Is In The Attitude


In today’s episode Ed talks about how medicare sets drug prices state-by-state and Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment.  In the end, our attitude sets the tone for how we live our life.  The way we react to situations that our out of our control influence our happiness.  Happiness is still a choice and Ed gives some suggestions on how to make the right one.

You can link to the articles on Apple News with the links below.

How States Helped Lower Prescription Drug Costs, published in AAPR on August 18, 2022 by Emily Paulin:  Link:

Speaking on Social Security…there was another article in AARP published on August 10, 2022 by Andy Markowitz that talks about this year’s potential cost of living adjustment (or COLA as it is known).  Link: 

The Greatest Music Stories Never Told:

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