Happiness and Health are Strange Bedfellows


Ed talks about music, life expectancy, covid-19, and methods to achieve a natural healthy outlook on life.  Ed tells a story about how worry over life expectancy can actually decrease how long you live.  Ed shares thoughts on how to over come many of the issues that impact how long we live.

I use bit.ly to shorten links to make it easier for you to click over to the articles I reference on the show.

Link to The Greatest Music Stories Ever Told:  https://amzn.to/3Ta6dJC

Life Expectancy in the U.S. Just Had a Historic Drop:  https://bit.ly/3eLj3hN

Scientists Discovered an Antibody That Can Take Out All COVID-19 Variants:  https://bit.ly/3QGvPLJ

How to Boost Serotonin, Your Happiness Hormone, Naturally:  https://bit.ly/3LhtEx6

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