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Hello dear listeners and supporters,

I am Ed Bejarana, the creator and host of the Baby Boomers Radio Podcast, a platform where we celebrate the stories, memories, and connections that bind us all across generations, particularly seniors and baby boomers. The journey of creating this podcast has been both heartfelt and enlightening, stemming from the realization during COVID-19 that life is incredibly precious, and the pangs of loneliness can be overwhelming, especially when isolated.

Our Mission:

At Baby Boomers Radio, our mission goes beyond just entertainment; it is a civic duty, a commitment to ensuring that our seniors have a daily source of wholesome entertainment, stories that resonate, and a community that understands. With our podcast, website, and Facebook page, we strive to be a beacon of connection and remembrance, ensuring that no senior is left without the means to connect, share, and reminisce about the America we all hold dear in our hearts.

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As we strive to expand our reach and enhance the quality of our content, your support becomes invaluable. Donations from listeners and well-wishers like you enable us to continue providing this essential service, ensuring that our content remains accessible and relevant to all.

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Together, we can ensure that the golden years are filled with joy, companionship, and a trip down memory lane. Thank you for considering supporting Baby Boomers Radio Podcast. Your contribution brings us one step closer to a world where no senior feels alone.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Ed Bejarana and the Baby Boomers Radio Team

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